Corporate information

AIPSYS Software Laboratory is founded in 2007 by two software engineers who are good at image processing ,it began by offering barcode decoders and encoders for the Windows environment. After recognizing the shortcomings found in the areas of mobile barcode processing, in 2009 the company expanded to include products for Android,iPhone,Windows mobile, windows phone7 (in addition to our existing product offerings). Cutting-edge technology is at the heart of AIPSYS's products and solutions. Complete mastery of barcode,wireless,image processing technologies enables AIPSYS to continually adapt its product offering to market requirements and to anticipate future developments.

R&D mission

Dedicated to constantly improving the quality of its products,  extending its catalogue and product line to include the best in both standard and innovative technologies and providing total business solutions to meet the demands and challenges of today's competitive market place.

Developer Tools:

Our software libraries within each SDK offer the fastest, most accurate, most reliable barcode recognition and generation software available for pc and mobile device applications.

Our libraries are based on our Windows OS libraries that have years of professional, market-proven PC and Server utilization throughout the World. They have been developed, optimized, and tested many times over, promising top-quality performance, reliability and accuracy. Each library has been ported to native machine language. This eliminates the need to “interpret” the barcode processing logic at execution time.

Target Audience:

Software developers and programmers.

Vertical Industries Served:

Computer software, Banking, Insurance, Aeronautics, IT, Engineering, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive, Government, Military, Education, Textiles, Food and Drug, Household products.