Customization service

Do you need something for your business but don’t have the skills in-house to develop it? Not everyone is a developer but we are. You have the domain knowledge: we have the programming expertise.

Are all your in-house developers fully occupied? Do you have work that needs to be done but problems finding the resource? We have resource. Use our developers to expand your team and add the capabilities you need to complete a project.

AIPSYS’s developers are expert users of our tools. They understand how our SDK can be used and have hands-on experience of using them for software development. Our software developers are experienced not just with AIPSYS tools but in a wide range of programming languages, tools and techniques.


  • AIPSYS products across all platforms, including Windows,windows mobile, windows phone7,iPhone,Android,Blackberry,MacOS,Linux.
  • Proof of concept  applications to demonstrate your ideas affordably
  • We specialize in desktop solutions, web- and server-based solutions, mobile solutions and barcode encoding and decoding technologies.

How We Work

  • You give us as much detail as possible on your project via mail, we'll come back to you for more details if required.
  • We'll issue you with our standard consulting terms and conditions that will allow us to discuss your project in confidence.
  • Our consultants will review your project and provide you with an initial estimate based on the information you've given us.
  • If you are happy with the estimate you can engage with us on your project. During the initial stage of the development process we'll give you some firmer estimates as we review your requirements in more detail, this ensures costs and timings don't spiral as you share more details on the project with us.
  • Our development process is incredibly transparent, all details on the project will be shared with you which gives you visibility on all aspects of the project as well as the opportunity to comment and contribute at any point.


  • Each project is unique. The cost of a project depends on the skills needed and the size of the project. It is impossible for us to give a cost illustration without knowing what it is you need.
  • We work with you initially to give you an estimated cost, then during the initial step of the development process we'll give you some firmer estimates as we review your requirements in more detail, our simple and affordable hourly rate ensures that you always get the best value from the consulting arrangement.
  • You might find that we are more affordable than you think. If you have a project you need some help with, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .