Reseller Program

AIPSYS Reseller Program Information

The AIPSYS Reseller Program offers a 30% discount on all AIPSYS software and allows the reseller to drop ship or stock AIPSYS products in physical form.This barcode reseller program requires the following:

  • Must be a reseller of software solutions.
  • Long-term marketing commitment required, as this is not a one-time purchase program.
  • Minimum $300 initial order.
  • Must provide a wholesale or resale certificate to AIPSYS.
  • Reseller may not use this program to purchase products for the reseller's own company, sister organization, or any subsidiary.
  • Complete, sign and submit the Reseller Agreement to AIPSYS for approval.
  • Places orders online as per the Order Process for Resellers.

After approval of the Reseller Agreement, resellers receive a discount for 30% off the list price of all AIPSYS Software programs. Please be aware that  the reseller program only apply to software.


The AIPSYS Reseller Marketing Commitment

AIPSYS Resellers should utilize at least one of the following marketing commitments to be considered for this program:

  • If Reseller has a printed product catalog, Reseller must promote AIPSYS products in the Reseller's printed product catalog.
  • If Reseller has website where products are sold, Reseller must promote AIPSYS products on the Reseller's website. This option can be also be automated by the AIPSYS affiliate program.
  • If Reseller has a product database that is shared with at least 20 other organizations, Reseller must promote AIPSYS products in this database.

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